Michael Van Bruggen


I am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice President of the Tennessee Athletic Trainers’ Society.  I have been privileged to serve our great society in this position for the past 16 months and on the executive board for a little over 5 years.  As such, I meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the TATS By-Laws for the office.  I look forward to continuing to serve TATS as Vice President.

I have been a member of TATS since January of 2001.  Since that time, I have served as a committee member in public relations, corporate relations, honors & awards, and governance (chair).  I get great joy from serving our Society and profession.  As Vice President, I have been and will continue to be accessible to the membership and open to ideas and constructive criticism.  This is what is needed for us to move forward into the future.  We need to be organized and disciplined in how we conduct the Society’s business.  I believe our executive board has done business in this manner and will continue to into the future. 

Thanks for your consideration and support!