As I end my time as Chair of TATS Ethics and Compliance committee, it is appropriate to reflect at this time of passage. What did I learn in this position? What is important when we think about Ethics and athletic training? And what charge do I give to those coming after me? In nutshell, I have learned during the past three years that the athletic training community in Tennessee is alive and well when dealing with the ethical issues surrounding our profession at all times. I am proud of the support and responsiveness shown by so many others when we as an association had to deal with persons who mis-represented themselves as certified members and potentially endangered our athletes by trying to act in our stead.

On a different level, I have been so impressed with the new professionals entering this field from curriculum programs around the country. I work with several of them daily and I can see that as an old school ATC, I really have nothing to worry about. Athletic training actually will not dry up and blow away the day that I walk away.

And finally, my charge is simple and not a new thought: protect your self by keeping your license current, keep our practice act close at hand and refer to it when unsure, and support BOTH the NATA and TATS in voting and membership. They are our voice - We as a profession are constantly under assault by many other professions who want to take our place on the field and in the athletic training rooms. We must continue to improve our skills and knowledge and support this wonderful profession at every opportunity.

In closing, it's all pretty simple: Take care of your athletes/clients/patients and do the right thing.

By John Purdy, ATC - TATS Ethics & Compliance Committee Chair