TATS Education Blog

With important announcements related to education and professionalism always on the horizon, TATS has created a new Education Blog on our website to keep our membership informed of the latest news in the field.  The first message in the education blog is related to the current Open Comment period from CAATE regarding the new Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs.  Read more by visiting the TATS Education Blog through the link below.

CAATE Professional Standards Open Comment Period

CAATE is requesting the feedback of athletic trainers on the new Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs document.  More details can be found through the following article on the CAATE website.


Please read through the new professional and educational standards for the Masters in Athletic Training, and if you have comments please make comments…there are tabs all through the document that will allow you to voice support, concern, or objections.  As with anything, if you do not voice your opinions when asked for them, please do not complain when they become required.

When you have reviewed and submitted your points of view… please feel free to forward to other AT’s for this open comment period.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to detail, and helping to shape the future of AT.

Be sure to click the links on each Standard in order to take the survey.