Conference Engagement & Communication Tools


Every year at the TATS Annual Meeting, we try to improve upon the previous year's tools for keeping our members engaged and connected. This commitment to communication is for both the meeting and what is happening in the society throughout the year. Over the last 3 years we have used a tool called Edmodo to deliver conference materials, communicate with the meeting organizers, and connect with other attendees. While Edmodo has been useful in years past, there have been some issues and we hope to address these by some changes for this year's meeting. This year we will be using a new technology called Slack. A New Communication Tool Slack provides an improved communication interface that is easy and intuitive to use. It creates channels for very quick messaging and response from conference organizers and presenters. Slack also allows attendees a way to connect with one another individually, in groups, or with all attendees at the meeting. Slack can be used on any device, mobile or desktop, with a simple web interface or via native apps for your iOS and Android devices.

Pre-Conference Discussion & Networking We are also hoping that attendees to this year's meeting will take advantage of Slack's communication tools and the information already prepared in the Slack channels to better prepare for the meeting in advance. Slack can make for a great opportunity to connect with other attendees about upcoming sessions, ask questions that you hope will be addressed by presenters, and general make requests or offer feedback about how we can enhance the value of the meeting for you.

Getting Ready for TATS 2016 In order to use Slack for the event, you must be registered as an attendee. You should receive your Slack invitation shortly after your registration. We want everyone to feel comfortable with using Slack before the meeting. If you have any questions regarding Slack, please reach out via email.

In the sidebar at the right you will find some useful guides to help you familiarize yourself with Slack prior to the event. We look forward to connecting with you and seeing how you use Slack to network and become a better professional!