Alan Killingsworth


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Alan Killingsworth

Years Certified: 10 years
Current Position: Athletic Trainer at Brentwood Academy
Why Athletic Training: My passion for athletics, my degree in medicine and a gift for relating to kids

Fun Fact: I have 3 of the most beautiful granddaughters!, I received my AT degree when I was 46 years old, I was once on board the Air Force One plane (the president was not on there at the time)
Favorite Aspect of Athletic Training: “Getting to speak into young people’s lives, being around and involved in the desires God put in my heart! Advocating on behalf of the athlete’s that I serve.”

Education: Associate Degree of Nursing Southwest Baptist University St. John School of Nursing; Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training Middle Tennessee State University

Mentors: My father, Drew Shea, Tim Hoskins, Shawn Allender

Journey to Becoming an Athletic Trainer


For Alan, athletic training wasn’t the career he initially set out to pursue. After providing full-time care for his son with specialized needs, he decided to go back to school for physical therapy. After the physical therapy program lost its accreditation, he switched his major to nursing and graduated in 1998 from Southwest Baptist University St. John School of Nursing.

In 2001, Alan and his family moved to Nashville and after his son passed away in 2004 he began looking for physical therapy programs. He met with a professor at MTSU and she walked him into an athletic training class. He says that as soon as he was introduced to athletic training, he knew that was what he was supposed to do. It seemed like a natural fit with his nursing experience, gift for working with kids, passion for athletics and interest in physical therapy.

After graduating in 2007, Alan went on to complete an internship with the Atlanta Falcons and was then hired by STAR Physical Therapy in Nashville where he was assigned to work as an athletic trainer for Brentwood Academy.

Most Memorable Moments

While it is hard to choose some of the moments that make your job so worthwhile and fulfilling, Alan says that some of those moments include winning 3 consecutive football state championships in DII AAA and interning with the Atlanta Falcons sports medicine team.

At Brentwood Academy Alan’s position provides a unique twist that not all athletic training positions offer. On campus, he is able to disciple and impact student athletes from a different perspective. As a result, having alumni return to say, “I tried what you talked about during your devotion and it worked” are other moments that he cherishes.

Life Outside of Athletic Training

When Alan isn’t at Brentwood Academy he enjoys a variety of activities. These include snow skiing, playing frisbee on the beach, or anywhere for that matter, playing board games with the family. He also enjoys restoring his father’s 1972 Chevrolet pickup, that he went with him to get at age 10. 

Impact on the Community

Alan understands the importance of getting players back to play after an injury without compromising the health care considerations those players deserve.
— Brentwood Academy Basketball Coach
Alan has a way of speaking to you like you’re the only person in the room, even though he usually has 20 people in line waiting to talk to him about their problems!
— Brentwood Academy Student Athlete
Alan always listens to everyone and doesn’t belittle their injuries…no matter how small they seem he makes us feel important.
— Brentwood Academy Student Athlete
Alan is a man of character, wisdom, kindness, and knowledge. He is wholeheartedly devoted to developing young men and women, quite truly to the Glory of God.
— Andrew Long