Kim Walter


Kim Walter


Years Certified: 19 years
Current Position: Manager, Outreach Sports Medicine for Vanderbilt Orthopedics
What you love about athletic training: "Knowing that you have a positive impact on athletes lives whether getting them through a significant injury or just being someone to talk to."

Awards: 2017 Backbone Award
Education: BS in athletic training with a minor in Spanish from Southeast Missouri State and an MEd from Belmont University
Fun Facts: Completed an internship at the Wide World of Sports complex at Disney World

How did you become an athletic trainer?

Initially thought I wanted to go to PT school, my advisor my first semester suggested athletic training, I did have one in high school so I knew what the profession was. I did my observations and pre-requisites and was accepted into the athletic training program as a sophomore, when most were accepted junior year. I’ve been doing it ever since.


Most Memorable Moments


Kim doesn't recall any one specific stand out moment, but does say that the first year she worked with Stratford High School is one she will never forget. That year, she started the tradition of baking cookies for each win that the boys basketball team had that season. That season, they also made it to state! Needless to say, she baked a lot of cookies. 

But, in general, she says that most of her memorable moments are seeing athletes have success, particularly returning to play after a significant injury.

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Life outside of Athletic Training

Outside of her clinic management duties and time at Nashville Christian, Kim enjoys checking out new restaurants in town. The verdict is still out on a favorite since there is always something new to try! 

During the "dead period" in high school athletics, Kim takes time to travel. One of her favorite trips was a Mediterranean cruise to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

If she's staying state-side, Kim likes to go back home to Chicago. Every couple of years she will take a river cruise through the city, where she says she almost always learns something new. On her most recent trip back, she took the Chicago Architecture Foundation's tour.

On the list of travel to-do's Kim would love to see all of the professional baseball stadiums.

Her Impact on the Community

“Kim is an awesome trainer. She goes out of her way to make sure that all of the athletes NCS are taken care of. She works well with the coaching staff and parents. She is instrumental in the success of our teams and her work often goes unnoticed.”
— Andrew Shaw, NCS Football Coach
“Kim has played an integral part in the Nashville community, through serving athletes, growing the profession, and educating others on the role and services athletic trainers provide. She has also played a key role in my career development through her guidance and leadership.”
— Austin Williams, Clinical Coordinator, Event Medicine
“Kim is not only a huge part of the success of our teams, she is also part of the fabric of our school community.  She is an excellent athletic trainer, but her genuine care for our students personally is what sets her apart in my mind.  She has a great spirit and gets to know our students individually while working very professionally to get/keep them healthy.”
— Jeff Brothers, NCS Football Coach
She is a great athletic trainer and an even better program manager.
— Blong Vang, Outreach Athletic Trainer, VOI
Ms Kim cares about each one of us and takes really good care of us. She goes out of her way to make sure we are taken care of and doing what we need to do to get us back on the field.
— NCS Student-Athlete
Ms Kim is always there for us for anything we need. She always follows up with us to make sure we stay on top of our rehab. She is like a 2nd Mom to a lot of us.
— NCS Student-Athlete

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