Jerome Reid


Jerome Reid

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Years Certified: 10 years
Current Position: Athletic Trainer to the Tennessee Titans
What you love about athletic training: "Having the opportunity to work with likeminded individuals that come from diverse backgrounds. I enjoy helping young athletes to become professionals by aiding them in the return to play process, assisting them with life skills outside of football, and implementing creative preventative maintenance programs."

Awards: 2017 Clinical/Professional Athletic Trainer of the Year and 2005 PFATS Minority Scholarship Winner
Education: Two time graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University receiving an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training in 2006 and Master's in Health and Movement Sciences in 2008.
Mentors: Brad Brown, ATC and Todd Toriscelli, ATC
Fun Facts: He is the first member of his family to graduate college

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Journey to the Titans Staff

Jerome's road to the Titans began at the completion of his first clinical rotation with the University of Richmond football team during his first semester in the athletic training program. He remembers, "one day a classmate of mine suggested that we apply for the PFATS scholarship that would give us an opportunity to work training camp", so they applied. Although he didn't think that he would get chosen due to his limited experience in football, he was surprised to find that the former assistant athletic trainer to the Titans was willing to give him a shot. This was when he was selected for the 2005 NFL Minority Scholarship. He must have made an impression because he was given the opportunity to return for 2006 and then again for training camp in 2007. 

After graduating with a Masters in 2008 from VCU, he moved to Florida to work as a season long intern with the Miami Dolphins. Working with the Dolphins "allowed [him] to fully appreciate the grind of working a full NFL season". When the internship was complete, he returned to Virginia and worked at a local high school, Hampton High School, through Sentara Hospital. Here, he split time between physical therapy clinic duties and sporting event coverage. 

The year 2010 brought him to Nashville after he accepted a subcontracted position with Baptist Sports Medicine. Although employed by Baptist, he worked exclusively with the Tennessee Titans Athletic Training staff. He was hired full time by the Titans in 2014 and has held the assistant athletic trainer position ever since then. 

Most Memorable Moments

We asked for some of Jerome's most memorable moments and experiences throughout his athletic training career. Here is what he says:

  • Working the coldest game in Arrowhead history. The temperature at kick off was 1 degree
  • Working the second coldest game in Arrowhead history. The temperature at noon kickoff was 10 degrees with a windchill of -12.
  • Having my family there to watch me accept the 2017 For Worden Clinic/Professional Athletic Trainer of the Year Award
  • Winning my first playoff game. The Titans trailed 21-3 at halftime before rallying to beat the Chiefs 22-21.
  • Establishing an Ed Block Courage House in Nashville 

Life outside of Football

Working professional football is busy, but when Jerome has some down time he enjoys spending that time with his wife, Nicole, and their two sons Jaden, who is 4, and Jaxon, their new baby. He says that his best days off begin with a good workout and then coming home to "epic superhero battles with my oldest son and then dinner and a movie with my wife". 

When he is not saving the universe with Jaden, he enjoys completing DIY projects around the house.  He says that his wife comes up with elaborate home renovation projects that he gets to use his creativity to execute. 

Balancing football and a family of two small boys is a full day, but Jerome has also found time to help spearhead the campaign to open an Ed Block Courage House in Nashville. The Ed Block Courage House is an NFL-supported charity dedicated to recognizing courage throughout the league while improving the lives of abused, neglected and at-risk children in NFL cities throughout the country. To read more about the Ed Block Courage House's establishment in Nashville in 2017, you can click here .

His Impact on the Community

“For me, Jerome has been someone who has helped me tremendously over the past two years, especially for me having to have surgery back-to-back years. When it comes to being a trainer, he has it all. He’s probably the most creative person I know when it comes to creating drills or workouts for injured players, and without that I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. And for that, I’m truly grateful.” – DaQuan Jones, defensive lineman
“As a peer of Jerome, I can honestly say I have never met an athletic trainer with the combination of qualities that he has. He is resourceful, hard-working, innovative, and a great team player. One of his greatest traits is his personality. He has an uncanny ability to be personable with everyone around him while at the same time maintaining professional focus and integrity. He is a true representation of our profession of Athletic Training and a role model for others to look up to. I’m honored to be his teammate.” – Adrian Dixon, Assistant Athletic Trainer/Rehabilitation Coordinator
“Jerome is the perfect example of a professional. His knowledge through both experience and education makes everyone around him better. He sets the bar for professionals in his field.  He has the utmost respect from colleagues and athletes alike.  I’ve been working with Jerome for a few years and it was clear to me early on that he will be a well-known name in his field. His determination, hard work, and positive attitude all contribute to his outstanding reputation.  I’ve never known Jerome to look at any situations negatively, but as opportunities to learn.  He brings his upbeat energy and bright smile to work with him every day and I’m honored to be his colleague and friend.” – Taylor Porter, Strength and Conditioning Assistant
“Jerome has been and continues to be a true professional and a great example of someone who is committed to the profession of Athletic Training and to the players that he serves every day. He has also had an impact in our community. I am very proud to have him as a key member of our staff with the Titans.” – Todd Toriscelli, Director of Sports Medicine