Tennessee Takes on North Carolina in NATM 2019 Challenge

Tennessee Athletic Trainers, let’s get it in gear! North Carolina has officially challenged us to a competition that will run through the month of March to help spread awareness of the importance of athletic trainers as health care professionals. Incentive: LOSING state sponsors a granola bar for snack at the WINNING state’s next annual meeting!

This challenge is two fold:

  1. We will total the number of likes associated with any picture put up on any social media forum (twitter, facebook, and NOW instagram @tnata) as long as it is relevant to the “ATs Are Health Care” theme and the picture or post is tagged with the challenge hashtag #ATforthewin. This could be pictures with the poster, pictures of demonstrations of how you are fulfilling this theme, or pictures relating to the second part of this challenge. Make sure to tag us too so we can repost! (Twitter: @tnata, Instagram: @tn_ata and Facebook)

  2. Part two: If athletic trainers ARE healthcare, we should also work to exhibit a healthy lifestyle and practice what we preach. We are totaling the number of miles our membership can put up during the whole month of March. Click here to set up your Strava account and join the TNATA club and put on those shoes to track your RUN or WALK mileage!