Spring 2015??

I hope that everyone has been able to stay warm during the latest round of weather that has basically stopped the state from being able to function. I applaud the TSSAA for stepping up and postponing the Region Basketball tourney to allow ample time to let schools finish their district finals. Let's hope that the next band of weather will allow that to happen before the regions start on Monday. This years TATS Annual Meeting and Symposium was a tremendous success. I sincerely want to thank everyone on the Professional Education Committee who logged many hours to make this a special meeting. The Executive Board has worked very hard to enhance our visibility and transparency to the membership. Our EB is one of the very finest I have ever had the privilege of working with. As we continue to work toward overcoming challenges that face our organization, I want to continually encourage our membership to stay or become active. The latest NATA election shows that we still have less than 20% (17.2 to be exact) who are taking part in the decision making processes for our organization. 835 Members strong, making us the 3rd largest group in SEATA. I want to encourage our membership to make a statement with the upcoming TATS elections this year. I want to see us reach an easily obtainable goal of 30% voting. Obviously I would love to see that Number higher, but lets make small steps toward a larger goal

We will once again be sponsoring a booth at the 104.5 Sports Fest in Nashville. If you are in the area, please swing by and support the booth and the event. We have confirmed a booth at the TIAAA conference again. Last year was a good start for TATS at this event. 2 schools have picked up full time coverage from the information we were sharing. We have a tremendous support from the Athletic Directors and look forward to making this an annual event.

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to enhance our communication with our members! If you have any items you want to be considered for posting on the web site or social media, please reach out to Clint Sanders or one of our TATS board members.

Be on the lookout for information coming out from SEATA regarding the Safe Sports School Award. The SEATA Executive Board has created a fund to allow schools that are making a financial decision not to apply. SEATA will match up to the full amount depending on need. SEATA's D9 NATA SSATC representative will be reaching out to the state SSATC chairs soon to discuss the process for applying for the grant.

Please help us as we continue to make TATS Stronger! Every member has a voice and makes a difference. Please reach out to our Leadership Team if you have any comments or concerns!

Thank You for all you do to make TATS better!